iTunes Basics

Handout in .pdf format outlining iTunes Basic Content:1-iTunes Basics.pdf

With the newest announcements (June 2011) big changes were made in the way that mobile devices are managed. Traditionally, iTunes on your computer settings.pnghas served as your iPad's home base. iTunes is the program that assists in your device's digital content and settings for syncing. iTunes has a number of "TABS" that can be used to customize the digital content on your device. With the latest upgrades in iOS5, iPads will no longer need to be synchronized with a computer (the iCloud can be used) but many schools are continuing to use a computer for back-up, uploading apps to one account, synchronization, etc. You will want to check with your building technology facilitator on the procedure being followed in your building.

iTunes Tabs
Select the tabs across the top: Info, Apps, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunesU, Books & Photos to adjust the settings on what you would like to synch (back up) . Each Tab has a list of items that have been downloaded or purchased using the Apple iTunes Account and as the user/owner of the account, adjustments can be made to control the content on the iPad.

The more items that are synched, the longer it will take each time you plug your iPad into your computer.

iTunes Purchases/App Store/Music Store
Apps, music, movies, books, etc. can be purchased:
1. directly on the iPad using the App Store
2. using iTunes on a computer and then connecting and synching the iPad