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external image F2UwB0BYhqU6oGz6oNO2GJgDJQ3kbbbxMEeMPDTcpxRziMONeG8YWTaMw5jckb1pbWC-MSO1UYIFNzQOuKLLRxsS2YnrV6hH-TUwwmK9sWsdGd0dzhvVdEC7U7TAhlEYD4gw0yEPic Collage for Kids: Demonstration of PicCollage without the social media or public gallery features
Demo & Task Cards

ChatterPix Kids: app to create “talking pictures/photos”external image 7dq-QUZf62T9l0bTTkj0E6T72gcj2XJ3oa2jk80Rh2K2soEaNEr-_RC98UCr--8JTHqkPPeSwHbG5YSs2vcjx3uY2McPwx7use9sfD0x6owEIt1QRhq5MEIPmZ5oxDcW3PvfEDo
Demo & Task Cards

external image jswa-BOIZE0ma51gJxjCr-PumQ_kTMfiyr1foD490J6RFuaVcmclIv0s4eHIQhPCSSqhe184EyhNJBwVJ2OSGq7ix81I-0rIMDD_XCKJStZMR2SZOd-pjiNq26D4A5iJ0tL53dk
Thinglink App: app for multi-touch, multimedia images
Thinglink Web Site: Sample
Demo & Task Cards

aurasmaicon.pngAurasma App: app for creating viewable "trigger" images
Aurasma Studio for Laptops ~ Aurasma App for iPads
Demo of Aurasma & Creation of an Aura

QR CODES: Math activity ~ Batch QR Creation ~ QR Voice ~
Multiple Apps: Scan (free/now $1.99), Inigma, QRReader
Demo & Task Cards

Safari Saving Pictures/Images
skitchicon.pngSkitch App: Annotating pictures, maps, web sites, etc.
Demo with Plant
Task: Take a picture of one of the books and label the parts of the book such as title, author, illustrator, etc.

external image mzTpzR_esBbgzbfeO6DXX1CnlNXyOh62nUwsdLw7l8rlJ3enWv3JQ1UJ8K08DH1rMLVtCiso4gE2At3PzKJ3_9nv8NrYGkeY0_3OmwuIQ1BnFeQVuYyJedhD8X3VMl_g-S8EmlMKahoot: play demo Pin*
Kahoot Create Site--often on a laptop or desktop machine
Demo & Task Cards
Socrative App vs Kahoot Web Site--Contrasting the two
external image 1ndLF-UpH5qQJ7giLG1TAxymTF9BJFRG_iSP9oOBMQMc-rG3jdgyqjV6QJziGMlODnuGuUJ-RkdiX6SMco43hne63VphE7vUkKqSofOkrkvKbdg4a7VNXhvoZrJgYSd4gsZNu7M
Socrative Web Site & App: Create simple “clicker type” activities for students toshare understanding, opinions, exit activities, or discussion items.

external image i_4aZ3B6h5Yl2ahNLtVBHbYYkeUgkQvskABTBGNXyRQ_DB1hJNQOqmNpxf7Cseajg9niPllB7G8ePD4FTFjQ4g_AHscYc1ThUOnE1OFRbbg-Q2oHLEuJVMkrohZoE4osrQ24Vw0
Demonstration with Socrative Student (Room ESU3)

external image El9-87QIDEYV7ruof1mXyNzIKWO_ZE_2UCCYKGSbbxhjvkvvjUDDJXtQpKaojvdzYnbR2-kYtBvtL9xzf6aO-eQf0xA8NvmShhPtUxtSh6rGNEKhbeDRzj2_Pr9LRTGZugsEh4Q
Post It Plus App: Demonstration using Post It Note=s
Demo & Task Cards