App Integration Ideas & Sharing:ELK-BLue-ipads.jpg

Apps Used for Training: Check to make sure you have the following apps on your iPad--if not, please download them in the order listed so that you have them ready to go for training today. (All apps are FREE)

drive-icon.pngGoogle Drive: Link to download
this app will be used to store items created today and links to your Google account if you have one presently.

ibook icon.jpegiBooks: Link to download
We will use this app to download a book, highlight adjectives, summarize text, add notes of synonyms and word meaning, to pronounce words and for organizing notes.

comictouch2icon.jpgComic Touch 2: Link to download (I am sad to say that I cannot find Comic Touch LIte in the iTunes Store any longer :(
We will be using Comic Touch 2 in the creation of a comic to illustrate a few of the words we have highlighted in iBooks.

Haiku Deck: Link to download
We will use this app to put together a slideshow of pictures created in Comic Touch 2 that illustrate the vocabulary words from the book downloaded in iBoks.

skitch.jpegSkitch: Link to download
This app will be used to make annotations on a flower, plant cell, student writing or a map (participants can choose). Annotations will be saved back to Google Drive .

scan.pngScan: Link to download
Scan will be used to read QR Codes on a bag of grocery items so that participants can solve a real life math problem. We will brainstorm other ideas on how QR Codes might be used.

educreations.jpgEducreations: Link to download
This app will be used to explain the "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" order of operations.

5dice.png5 Dice: Link to download
Continuing to work with order of operations, this brain stretching apps allows students to apply their knowledge of order of operations to solve a dice problem.


Agenda & Activities for September 2014 Training:

General Settings:
  • General-->Accessibility-->Speak Selection (turn on)
  • General-->Accessibility-->Guided Access (to keep students in one app/for instance in a station)
  • General-->Keyboard (add Emoji, Spanish, Greek)
  • General-->select app-->enable/turn on/off items, set defaults
  • General-->iBooks-->uncheck synch bookmarks (we will recheck later to show the impact)

Taking Screen shots with on/off & home button

Language Arts Ideas:ibookshelf.png
  • Store-->Download The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen (FREE version)
  • Enlarge text, change page colors, change fonts, bookmark
  • Search: Find the word "burdock" and bookmark the page, find the word retreat and bookmark the page, find the word moor and bookmark the page
  • Highlighting: highlight burdock, retreat an moor on the pages bookmarked
  • Add Notes with definitions or synonyms (use define if needed)
  • Speak Text: highlight a paragraph and have the text spoken
  • Highlight 5 adjectives in yellow, 5 adverbs in blue
  • Share notes from table of contents (if mail is set-up--considering setting up an Evernote or Dropbox account for student submissions
  • Using Google Images, find a picture that illustrates/provides a visual image for at least two of the words highlighted in the Ugly Duckling
  • Tap & Hold to Save the images to your camera roll (or do a screen capture with the Home button and ON/OFF button)
Comic Touch 2comictouch2icon.jpg
  • Create a comic for each of the highlighted words
  • Save your comics to your camera roll
Haiku Deck:
  • Create a presentation with a slide for each word

Evernote: use for writing, organization, rubrics, student portfolio, etc. (can get to notebooks from laptops/desktops/ipads)

Science Ideas
  • Using Safari, find an image of a flower that shows the parts of a flower well and save it to the camera roll
  • Open Skitch and use the tools to label the parts of a flower
  • Save the Skitch illustration to your camera roll (email--if set-up, or Evernote)

Appitic App:
  • Finding science specific grade level apps

Math Ideas
Scan App:
  • Using QR Codes for math story problems
  • (Also show books using QR Voice web site)
  • Demonstrate how to complete math problems with Educreations whiteboard & ability to preload images
Five Dice: (free)
  • other apps (6 dice, etc. are at a cost)
  • folder activities
  • great for math facts & order of operations

Apps Shared by Participants at Training:
  • Find Grade Level and Curricular Area Apps Using Appitic
  • Timer+: iPad timer that can be used in the classroom--Free App
  • Other Teacher apps or finds will be added here!