iPad Basics ~ Screen Rotationvolume-mute.png

Handout in .pdf format outlining the steps: screen-rotate.pdf

iPads have the unique ability to change the screen rotation depending on how the device is being held. To override the screen rotation and lock the display in either portrait or landscape, follow these steps:

Using the Volume Mute/Screen Rotation Switch:
What to Do?
Prior to iOS 4 the switch on the right side of the iPad was used to lock the screen rotation. Users now can decide the function of the switch—to mute the volume or to lock the screen rotation. Below are the steps to turn on the screen rotation switch and lock the screen rotation.Preferences_app.png

    • Open the Settings App on your iPad and tap the General settings Along the right side of the displayed General settings, locate the section General_Prefs.pnglabeled Use Side Switch to:

    • Tap Lock Rotation so that a check mark appears next to it
    • The Volume Mute/Screen Rotation Switch is now active for screen rotation.


What Happens? When the volume mute/screen rotation switch is in the “down position” a red circle will be visible above the switch and the rotation of the iPad will be locked in the position it was being held when the switch was moved to the down position.

Screen Rotation Without the Volume Mute/Rotation SwitchHomebutton.png
What to Do?
  • With your iPad on, Press the Home Button twice
  • Swipe the toolbar across the bottom of the screen from right to left
  • In the toolbar at the bottom of the iPad display, Tap the screen rotation button to lock (a padlock appears) or unlock your screen rotation

  • Notice that you can also change the screen brightness & volume, as well as see all of the applications that are currently running in multitasking mode (swipe right on the toolbar across the bottom to see all the apps that are running)

What Happens? The screen rotation (or volume control—depending on your side switch setting) will be locked or muted.